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Increasing Physical Activity and Encouraging Healthy Nutrtion


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Our Mission

Body Mechanics Wellness Foundation has been created to assist all populations, focusing on the underserved communities, to improve health and fitness levels and to reduce obesity, degenerative disease symptoms, stress and to assist post-trauma recovery.

Our primary initiative is directed at reduction of acute stress and its negative societal impact. The very least we can give our community, is the knowledge and tools to enjoy lifelong health, as far as regular exercise, good nutrition and stress management have influence.

We need to teach our community that physical activity is a normal and necessary part of everyday life. We need to know that exercise makes us feel good. Other side effects include improved performance and focus, less depression and aggression, and normalizing of weight, hormonal and lipid levels.

We believe a low-cost, long-term, sustainable solution is to promote and implement daily exercise and include fitness assessment, tracking and planning. Fitness activities and education have an ROI measured by fitness assessments.

Exercise is emerging as a superstar; see “Spark, the Exciting New Science of Exercise & the Brain” by Dr. John Ratey, Harvard Medical School. Dr. Ratey is responsible for the following statement, which provides motivation to all who hear it, “Exercise is like Miracle-Gro for the brain.”